Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Forgiveness ......and a giveaway!!!

{Book Release & Give-away!}

31 Days of Forgiveness (through the eyes of grace) by Tracie Stier-Johnson

Tracie Stier-Johnson is someone who's blog I am often drawn to for encouragement so.............................
I am super-duper excited to share a fellow (in)courager Friend and  Blogging Gal Pal of mine
 Tracie Stier-Johnson  her  Book just released on Forgiveness.

Forgiveness: can be a hard pill to swallow at times can't it?? Just when I thought I had forgiven everyone in my life and then boom  

 I am hit with the hard reality that the reason I am 
struggling with this one person in my life is because of forgiveness or lack there-of shall I say. I have said many times (to myself as well as to others) that we need to forgive even if  the other person doesn't ask for forgiveness as they should because when we forgive we get more from our own releasing and letting go of that pain and anger than the other person does and that we also need our hearts to be cleansed before the Lord Holy and Pure. Often times the other person does not even realize they are waiting for our is simply moving forward for them, while we are stuck turning the wheels of emotions in our minds  re-playing that record of wrong over and over again in our head and hearts !!!!!!!!  When I was asked to read  Tracie's new book and consider doing a review for it I was like

FORGIVENESS OH MY  ....................

 I was like sure what is the title again ........31 Days of Forgiveness. I had been praying daily for this ONE situation to go far away and for God to help me find peace in what was left of a certain relationship, and then this book drops into my lap. As I look back on it now I should not have been one bit surprised  is not that how our God works ?? One of the  very first things that caught my eye in the book was "You know how God prepares us for something? We may not know it at the time, but as the days, weeks, months, and years pass  us by we can look back and say, 'Oh yeah, so that's what God had in store that's how He was working okay!"

What was a great reminder to me for my current situation was on Day 17 where Tracie talks about Forgiving and Forgetting.  In Hebrews 8:12 it says, " And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will NEVER again remember their sins."  We know God still remembers because He is  omniscient, but He also still remembers we are human. Tracie reminded us here that it's a heart motive, and I then realized I was still  re-playing the record of her wrong and not letting the offence go yikes. When we don't actively allow the offence to keep coming up it is much easier to forgive. I was also convicted and reminded on Day 18 of Tracie's book that when we forgive we live in freedom from being bound in  the shackles of bitterness, resentment. and pain. We also show Christ's Love in forgiving others. 
Over all I have been reminded that we can't control the reactions of other's but we can control how we react and respond to others and there is freedom in releasing that true forgiveness so I am able to say I forgive you and let's move forward it's a progress but it is  freeing knowing I have left it in the Lord's hands for Him to move through and work it out!

Forgiveness my friend's is a favor we do for someone whether they ask for it or not. Whether we think they deserve it or not. Forgive anyway! There are many times I do not think that the one who has hurt me continually deserves my forgiveness (and trust me, she is not asking for it), but I do it anyway  because we are called to and then I am able to release my anger and walk before the Lord with a PURE heart!!

!!!!!!  PRIZE TIME !!!!!!!

Want to win all of these fabulous gifts?  One lucky person is going to get all three of these lovely  prizes!

1. A hard copy of 31 Days of Forgiveness.  I have a weak spot for hard bound books, and would love to have this one sitting on my side table.  

2. Some sweet post it notes from Day Spring.  I always keep my eye out for cute new post it notes for my desk at work.  These would be perfect!   

3. That adorable owl pillow from Button Bird Designs.  The bright colors are just what I need to remind me that spring is just around the corner.
To enter leave a comment on this post.  Easy right?  Make sure to include your name -  no "anonymous" comments.  A link to your blog/website/email will make it easier for me to find you.  

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Contest entry deadline is 11:59 pm Friday (2-8-13).  Winner will be announced on this page Saturday morning and the winner will have 48 hours to respond to me before a new winner will be chosen.  Bookmark this page and check back Saturday morning.  

Bonus 31 Days of Forgiveness is available for Kindle on Amazon for FREE for a limited time.  Other reading options can be found on the books website.  The paperback version would be a great addition to a church library.

Double Bonus: All the proceeds from this book will go to The Seed Company- a company that translates the bible into the multiple languages around the world.  The paperback version would be a great addition for a church library.  

God Bless,
In His Grace,


  1. I love her writing! This book couldn't come at a better time as I am battling with this issue.

  2. Hi Cindy! This is such a great give-away! The book looks amazing!