Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Your Soul Longs For Peace

Oh dear friends it has been a long time since leaving a post over here I am ready to share the reasoning behind such an extended break this is a very raw post as I share some of the trial and pain over the last year in a half  !!

 The Deep Sighs of a hungry soul one that longs for answers to questions I was never expecting!!

One dark and stormy night a year in a half ago, my soul deeply longed and cried out for answers for a deeper trust in God yet instead I was overwhelmingly paralyzed ,by fear, worry and hurt. It was easy to trust on paper and in words to my Lord up until that point but when life got REAL and some very hard heart wrenching things were taking place did I really believe when the rubber meant the dirty hard road ahead that God is all HE says He is????

 Oh I had seen many a trials in my 18 year walk with my Lord and Savior but NEVER the intensity by which I was about to endure. A mom's heart being ripped in two when her now 18 year old baby  (now almost 20) could drive and begin to make her own decisions in this great big dark ugly world seeking to eat her alive! I was now finding myself overwhelmed by the what if's of  this life. I had wrestled with God many times about faith and things unknown but only on paper but now I was finding myself wrestling with God in a very REAL way in the very REAL flesh as my faith was being shattered with the what if's with the pain of answering the hardest most painful question I have had to answer yet .... WHAT IF MY YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN STRUGGLE AND FALL IN WAYS I CANNOT INTERVENE ? I was not prepared at all to answer let alone face this question yet this is where I found myself. It's where I still find myself as it has been a challenging process one by which I learn daily minute by precious minute.

 When I had my 7 children and was mothering these precious little babes year after year no one ever prepared me or warned me about the teenage and early adult years where we as mom's must slowly let go and let God intervene yet I find it so difficult to do that cause I feel we as mom's don't really ever let go do we?? I was not prepared for the countless sleepless nights where I would anxiously pace the floor praying for the safe return of my young adult child. I have spent many a nights over the last two years praying and sometimes worrying myself sick about the safe return of my young adult child it was consuming like an all consuming fire. My reality that my children would all grow up perfect little God following , law abiding, family loving, church going children was shattered and the reality sunk in that though we raise our kid's to love honor and obey the Lord they still have free will and start to make choices of their very own, choices we have no control over no say over  and in a very real and dark world where a very real enemy tugs on their heart strings on every side. This parenting of now two young adults has been heart wrenching it's made my faith very REAL it's made me place action where before words were easily spoken yet not yet traveled down, it's made a greater need to daily fall to my knees in deep prayer where I beg God for defining moments of clarity  in parenting in faith in the midst of my paralysis and sheer worry. Prayer's where I pray to be the kind of mom that worry's less and prays more because time is of the essence my sweet friends. Prayers to be the kinda mom consumed with God and His very word and not consumed with circumstances and worry fretting only what can be changed by my Lord Jesus. Prayer and trust in a faithful God to rebuild my shattered view of motherhood so I can parent my other 5 children and NOT MISS the MARK.  Prayers because I know As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.

~ Psalm 138:3, NLT 
In this time I have found myself more in the Word than ever before and I found myself in Psalms alot David's words were piercing at times got me to ponder . "Oh God you are my God , I shall seek you earnestly, my soul thirsts for you , in a dry and weary land where there is no water. Psalm 63:1
David's words spoke to me He too was calling out to God He was hungry for answers from a God he knew intimately His flesh yearned for Him in a land he didn't know . This spoke to me I was in a land foreign to me and one I didn't understand at all . This verse has rattled me a lot
got me thinking there is a deeper place of being with God of really needing Him, wanting  and engaging with Him it's made me realize that I don't just want to be yes a committed Christian but a SOLD OUT Christian desperate for Him !!! Are we REALLY desperate for God and wanting  more of Him in our Lives ?? Was I desperate for my God ????  I am learning to really tear apart the scriptures like the one above asking myself hard questions starting with Oh God you are my God. was He my God or only in times of trouble?? I shall earnestly seek Him. Did I earnestly seek Him or just when I NEEDED something?? My soul thirsts for YOU but am I drinking from His Cup?? In a dry and weary Land . Do I pray and seek His Guidance  in the dry and weary land or do I expect a quick fix a way out now ?? God is revealing Himself in mighty ways through these challenging times. Has my young adult children come back to God as I am hoping for not yet but instead of fretting night after night and being consumed to the point I forget I have 5 other children who need their mommy NOW I am hopeful and I am placing my trust where it belongs in the hands of a very capable, Faithful, loving God who is their very creator He loves them more then I . I am holding fast to Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it ."  also the truth that God's Word will NOT return VOID !!!!  So my friend's this is where I am at this has been my hearts struggle these last 2 years my hearts cry and prayer !! I covet your prayers as I raise these 7 gifts from above !!  I find my peace in His Word HE has promised in the Book of John verse 27 " Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give you, Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid."  So when my soul longs for peace I cry out to the only one that gives the peace that surpasses all understanding !!! 

Oh God may we momma's love our kiddo's every second of everyday time is so fleeting and when their old enough to flee we must let go so while we have them under our wings and precious care may we not waste but a moment fretting the small stuff may we lift them in prayer daily for the life ahead shall you terry may we pray prayers we think we don't have need of yet like their relationships with you and their future jobs and friends and mates shall that be Your perfect will may we never fail to seek you out in the sight of our little ones may they see us living breathing Jesus in very real ways so their little hearts seek after  a true and right relationship with you and the importance of that relationship Oh Lord watch after my wayward child bring them home to you sooner than later in Jesus name I pray amen 

So my soul finds rest and PEACE in GOD alone !!!

Until next time Blessings,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a March Maddness Giveaway | And Prize Reveal !!

Hello Friend's Remember I posted a few days ago that  I was doing two giveaways in the month of March , well here is the reveal of giveaway #1 !!

I would like to introduce you to a talented, amazing Christian woman, wife, mommy and friend who blogs over @ Artful Leigh please visit her site for great DIY projects and arts/craft  ideas she rocks and is very talented !! Without further ado here is the a-ma-zing  prize reveal she has graciously created for y'all take a peek ...........

                                                   Giveaway Prize!!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

A GIVEAWAY | A Blog Makeover

Hello Friends,
I am sorry I have been M.I.A. lately .....I am busy giving my blog a huge makeover so it can better serve my followers and be easy to get around and find things. I plan on doing at least 2 BIG GIVEAWAYS in the month of March you wont WANT TO MISS THIS!!! I thank you for being patient and for following my blog God Bless you all from



Thursday, February 28, 2013

Allergies | Help

Oh my allergies have gotten to me these past few weeks but I have found relief woohoo and here is how -   
 Did you know that thousands of people are now controlling or eliminating their allergies with a totally natural option?

 Lavender & Peppermint

The Allergy Duo!
My family and I  just started using Essential Oils about 6 months ago and just recently started using specifically Young Living Oils which I am also now a distributor for and SUPER EXCITED to share with all my family and friends .

This is how I use these for my allergies: How to Apply:
  • Apply 1 drop of peppermint on the base of the neck or behind the ears two times per day.
  • Diffuse either peppermint or lavender several times per day.
  • Apply lavender on the feet.
  • Apply lavender across the bridge of the nose.
You can find relief too with these and many more by going to my Young Living Website

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Introducing (in) Fitness Fans !!

By now you have most likely heard about the amazing community groups (in)courage is forming in an effort to connect you beyond the blog post and encourage you in areas you need it most.

Hello everyone Welcome I am glad you stopped by !! I am so excited to be apart of what (in)courage  is doing again for round 2!! Some of you may know Kelly and I from our last (in)courage Facebook page Feeding Body + Soul well unfortunately Kelly is not joining us this second time around the Lord has given her a very full plate and she needs to do as He would have for her to be doing! I have graciously kept the page however we are gearing more towards Fitness and Healthy/Organic living  Both spiritually and physically. 

A little bit about me:
I am married to my BEST friend Greg for going on 16 years now we have 7 A-MA-ZING kids 5 boys (17, 14,12, 10, 9) and 2 girls (19, 7) they keep me busy I also have always homeschooled them ALL!!

                                                        Here we are in 2010 

I have been into health and fitness for about 5 years now and the last 3 years have  Made the switch for my whole family to eat
an all Green Organic Diet due to health issues and just a strong desire to live a healthy and clean way unto the Lord. 
I was always under the impression that only rich people can eat healthy and organically but I am here to share with you that that is just NOT true!! We are a family of 9 and we eat well every week and all Organic for $200.00 or less a week!! If you are interested in how or you are simple also trying to live a clean healthy diet and have a clean healthy spiritual life then I invite you to join our facebook page Here and join us as we discuss and encourage living a healthy/Organic lifestyle both Physically and Spiritually!!  For any other questions or to join you can email me @  God Bless !!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

How to make my favorite Shaklee Shake !!!



Enjoy God Bless

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Forgiveness ......and a giveaway!!!

{Book Release & Give-away!}

31 Days of Forgiveness (through the eyes of grace) by Tracie Stier-Johnson

Tracie Stier-Johnson is someone who's blog I am often drawn to for encouragement so.............................
I am super-duper excited to share a fellow (in)courager Friend and  Blogging Gal Pal of mine
 Tracie Stier-Johnson  her  Book just released on Forgiveness.

Forgiveness: can be a hard pill to swallow at times can't it?? Just when I thought I had forgiven everyone in my life and then boom  

 I am hit with the hard reality that the reason I am 
struggling with this one person in my life is because of forgiveness or lack there-of shall I say. I have said many times (to myself as well as to others) that we need to forgive even if  the other person doesn't ask for forgiveness as they should because when we forgive we get more from our own releasing and letting go of that pain and anger than the other person does and that we also need our hearts to be cleansed before the Lord Holy and Pure. Often times the other person does not even realize they are waiting for our is simply moving forward for them, while we are stuck turning the wheels of emotions in our minds  re-playing that record of wrong over and over again in our head and hearts !!!!!!!!  When I was asked to read  Tracie's new book and consider doing a review for it I was like

FORGIVENESS OH MY  ....................

 I was like sure what is the title again ........31 Days of Forgiveness. I had been praying daily for this ONE situation to go far away and for God to help me find peace in what was left of a certain relationship, and then this book drops into my lap. As I look back on it now I should not have been one bit surprised  is not that how our God works ?? One of the  very first things that caught my eye in the book was "You know how God prepares us for something? We may not know it at the time, but as the days, weeks, months, and years pass  us by we can look back and say, 'Oh yeah, so that's what God had in store that's how He was working okay!"

What was a great reminder to me for my current situation was on Day 17 where Tracie talks about Forgiving and Forgetting.  In Hebrews 8:12 it says, " And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will NEVER again remember their sins."  We know God still remembers because He is  omniscient, but He also still remembers we are human. Tracie reminded us here that it's a heart motive, and I then realized I was still  re-playing the record of her wrong and not letting the offence go yikes. When we don't actively allow the offence to keep coming up it is much easier to forgive. I was also convicted and reminded on Day 18 of Tracie's book that when we forgive we live in freedom from being bound in  the shackles of bitterness, resentment. and pain. We also show Christ's Love in forgiving others. 
Over all I have been reminded that we can't control the reactions of other's but we can control how we react and respond to others and there is freedom in releasing that true forgiveness so I am able to say I forgive you and let's move forward it's a progress but it is  freeing knowing I have left it in the Lord's hands for Him to move through and work it out!

Forgiveness my friend's is a favor we do for someone whether they ask for it or not. Whether we think they deserve it or not. Forgive anyway! There are many times I do not think that the one who has hurt me continually deserves my forgiveness (and trust me, she is not asking for it), but I do it anyway  because we are called to and then I am able to release my anger and walk before the Lord with a PURE heart!!

!!!!!!  PRIZE TIME !!!!!!!

Want to win all of these fabulous gifts?  One lucky person is going to get all three of these lovely  prizes!

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Double Bonus: All the proceeds from this book will go to The Seed Company- a company that translates the bible into the multiple languages around the world.  The paperback version would be a great addition for a church library.  

God Bless,
In His Grace,